Leanne's showreel is currently in the process of being edited. Check back soon!

In the meantime, check out some of these videos of Leanne's work...


 Leanne as Joan of Arc in a music video for metal band, Cradle Of Filth

"Very happy to have cast Leanne Faulkner in this music video. She did a sterling job with very little prep time and plenty of studio pressure"

- Will Wright, Director

Leanne can be seen here in the Editors music video for Honesty, as a hen causing trouble with the police on her hen night 

A short clip of Leanne kung fu training for feature film, The Way Of The Monkey's Claw 

 A trailer for futuristic short film, In Which We Burn. Leanne stars as The Blonde, a not-quite-human character

“Leanne here is actually doing some exceptional work. This is uncomfortable, messy, cold and she is having to remember script, emotion, pacing and then have to possibly do the scene over and over again and again as cameras are reset to reverse angles, medium shots, wide shots... I think she is a true hero... Would I want to play this role? No, not really”

-Steve McTigue, Actor